What to do when you need a windshield repair for damage?, as we have already mentioned, the function of the windshield is to protect the occupants of the car, as well as to allow full visibility for safe driving. Damaged or cracked glass can make visibility difficult and increase the risk of road accidents.

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Windshield repair for damage when a stones or objects in the path including hail appear?

Stones, gravel, debris, branches, and hail can become projectiles at high speeds and can cause considerable damage to your car’s windshield. To avoid this type of situation, it is best to reduce your speed and maintain an adequate distan

Vehicular accidents

One of the most common causes of windshield damage is traffic accidents. When colliding with another vehicle, or against an object.

Although windshields are made using solid reinforced glass, high-speed crashes can generate enough force to overcome their structural integrity and cause them to crash or break completely.


Windshield vandalism is a more frequent problem in large cities. These types of acts are generally caused by feelings of anger, revenge or simply by the “need” to destroy or damage public or private property for no apparent reason.

The most common acts of vandalism against a windshield include: using a hard, or another objects against the glass to break it, or simply using spray paint to graffiti it. and ruin the driver’s visibility.

Meteorological conditions

Believe it or not, the weather is also one of the common causes of windshield damage. Strong storms create high-speed winds that can knock over branches and even trees, which, when falling, could damage your windshield.

Hail: a furious and fascinating phenomenon of nature

On the other side of the ring is hail, one of the most fascinating meteorological phenomena, despite occurring with some frequency. Its formation in cumulonimbus, from a particle that collects drops of water and freezes, still holds some mysteries for scientists. But not too high either, so that the hail can form.

When is not possible a windshield repair for damage?

In general, repairing the windshield repair is a very good option that will not cost you a lot of money; however, there are various situations in which a repair is not possible but you can see our services.

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Windshield repair for damage when is peeled laminate?

These types of failures are very rare and are usually related to manufacturing defects. One of the easiest ways to identify it is when you begin to see moisture stains inside the windshield which generally start at one edge of the glass, this indicates problems with the original seal of the laminate, it’s possible a Windshield repair for damage but In these cases the best option is to completely replace the windshield.

In case these could not be repaired with windshield polish, there will be no other option but to replace it. need a quote?

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