The windshield repair kit would come in a box with all the tools required for you to fix your windshield or the windshield repair service.

The sandpaper should be used on the windshield’s glass surface only, without hitting any of its adhesive parts.

After sanding your windshield glass smoothly with sandpaper, use rubbing alcohol or water mixed with soap to fully clean it up. This is necessary to remove any contaminants and dust that may have resulted from sanding.

Now take the tube of windshield repair resin that should have come with your windshield repair kit, and squeeze it out onto the windshield chip. Use a plastic credit card or squeegee to spread the resin evenly over the entire windshield chip.

windshield repair service

Make sure there are no air bubbles under the resin by pressing down on it firmly with the squeegee or your finger for 30 seconds. Wait at least an hour for the windshield repair resin to cure before driving your car again.

Cost of the Kit

It usually retails for between $10 and $50, depending on the brand and quality of the windshield repair kit you are buying.

But be sure not to use it on a chip bigger than 1 inch in diameter. Check out this article to know more about windshield crack filler!

So whether you choose to buy windshield repair resin, windshield repair kit or windshield crack filler, just make sure that you have it all in case of an emergency! And always drive safely!

Cost of the Kit vs. Windshield Repair Service

Having a windshield repair kit or windshield crack filler is always a good idea in case of an emergency! So make sure you have one just in case! And always drive safely!

Booking for windshield replacement

Some time could be more expensive pay the cost than windshield repair service come with us.

In conclusion 

Sometimes it takes time and experience to do this, but we’re here for you!

We will be glad if you come with us.

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